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Search Engine Optimization
Clutch Names MediaSesh a Top SEO Firm in Denver
We at MediaSesh have always made it our main goal to put our clients first. Our philosophy is that building a lasting and trusting relationship with clients is the surefire way to exceed expectations and grow as a company. And we’ve been doing just that, since 2015, and both our team and portfolio have grown....
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How to Explain SEO to Clients
Explaining SEO to non-SEO people can sometimes be very challenging. There’s no wrong way to explain SEO to a client. We like to think that there’s a good way, and then there’s a better way.
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How Much Does SEO Cost?
Just about every business can benefit from a quality SEO campaign. That’s because SEO could help grow a business by increasing brand awareness, improving user experience, and generating more web visits and conversions. Learn about a quality SEO campaign, the cost, and why it’s worth the price.
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Internal Site Search
Internal site search, or onsite search, has often been a neglected component of search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. It's well known that traditional SEO practices are an effective means to getting visitors to your website, but what happens once someone clicks through from search engines? If you didn’t think site search was an important factor...
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