What Is an SEO Reseller and What Do They Do?

Imagine this: Business is great, and you’ve become successful with the list of services you offer clients, such as social media management or web design and development. You’re working with a client on their marketing strategy, and they now mention they’d like to include SEO into their marketing mix. The thing is, your company and employees have little to no training in this field. Sure, we all know that keywords are important, and any content writer can sprinkle those in, but SEO is way more than that.

So, what do you do? Instead of saying no to your client, this is where outsourcing SEO comes in. It’s a way to keep your clients happy and continue to give them success-driven results — while handing SEO over to the experts. Better yet, you’ll save time, money, and the headache of taking on such a highly specialized skillset. You can also learn more about SEO yourself and feel more confident upselling it to your clients.

You’ve been considered a trusted expert in your field, and your client knows your business is results-driven. When it comes to SEO, you need an expert in that field too. Trying to handle SEO on your own when you or your employees have little training can be extremely time-consuming and costly. Additionally, it allows room for errors (we all must make mistakes along the way as we learn).

What is an SEO reseller?

An SEO reseller is a company (or person) that specializes in search engine optimization. They service other agencies and their own portfolio of clients. Furthermore, an SEO reseller has years of experience in their field. Those years of experience can produce positive results, highly technical SEO processes, and can deliver work that will make both you and your clients happy.

Why hire an SEO reseller?

SEO is a vital, yet complex, form of digital marketing. When it comes to why you should hire an SEO reseller, here are just a few reasons:

Save Time

  • You know the saying, “time is money?” As a business, it’s essential to focus our time on what matters—growing your niche and building your clientele. Hand over the SEO work to experts in the field.
  • Search engine optimization is a complicated and highly technical field. It takes years of specialized training to become good at it. In today’s world, SEO is much more than posting links and keywords. It’s a highly complex coding system involving Google’s ever-changing algorithms and search engine ranking systems. You’ll either spend time training an employee, spend money hiring a new one, or take time away from your own work.
  • An SEO company will already have highly tuned processes to get your client the search results they are looking for in digital marketing. Additionally, an SEO company will have a team of highly specialized experts and copywriters.
  • SEO resellers often have connections and research in place to get your high-quality client backlinks, traffic, and better search engine rankings.

Save Money

  • You can hire someone with the SEO programs and tools already in place, or you can pay for expensive SEO software you might only use a few times.
  • Purchase what you need with on-demand SEO—you pay for the specific services required by the client and nothing more.
  • You won’t have to hire another employee (experts in the field of SEO often command salaries starting at $70-100k+).
  • Make money without the headache of trying to do it on your own.

Work with an expert 

  • You can manage an SEO program yourself, but this might take away from your own business. Or, you can get ongoing search engine optimization management, increasing the chances of a successful SEO campaign.
  • An SEO expert with be able to teach you how to explain SEO to your clients. Sometimes it’s challenging to explain SEO to non-SEO people, but work with someone that can break it down and explain its value
  • Gain a partnership with an expert with thousands of hours of knowledge and expertise.

Which SEO reseller do I hire?

  • Someone you trust. You need to know that whomever you hire has your best interests and those of your client at heart.
  • A company with years of field experience. And that is highly attuned to SEO best practices and content marketing skills. 
  • Someone who communicates well and collaborates with you. When outsourcing SEO, you want someone who works with you to get your clients what they want.
  • Someone that is results-orientated with a clear timeline and stands behind their work.
  • Learn how to find a good SEO consultant and let an SEO expert help map out appropriate next steps for your client based on data, best practices and experience.

Continue to say yes to your clients by offering search engine optimization. Digital marketing budget continues to increase for growing businesses, and in today’s world, SEO can mean the difference between potential customers finding your client’s business or never knowing their name. SEO is a time-consuming and complicated process—so work with an expert while saving time and money.

With all the reasons to hire an SEO reseller, can you afford to do anything else? If you have any questions on what it’s like to work with an SEO reseller, we are happy to point you in the right direction. We have over ten years of experience in SEO and we were recently named a top Denver SEO firm by Clutch. We are happy to answer questions and help you with investing in a high-quality SEO campaign.

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Christina is the founder of MediaSesh. She has been an online marketer since 2009 and has helped companies of all sizes to improve their online presence.

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