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Analytics & Reporting

Reporting on business activity is an important step in quickly gaining a handle on operations and improving profitability. Know how to interpret data to determine actionable next step business decisions and bring your online presence to the next level.

About this Service

Reporting on business activity is an important step in quickly gaining a handle on operations, reducing problems created from assumptions, and improving key metrics and profitability. Our certified experts monitor your site, provide both high-level and granular data information of your business, and provide strategic next step recommendations to help bring your online presence to the next level.

Our goals for capturing key metrics and providing analytic reports will allow you to do the following:

Define the metrics that are most important to allow your business

Spot threats and opportunities faster than if you hadn’t

Provide deep insights into what’s happening with your business

Provide deep insights into trends within specific industries

Provide a framework for making well-reasoned decisions

Allow the chance to learn from success and failures

Why Measure Performance Metrics?

Viewing analytics is only as great as the person using it. While users that are new to analytic programs can’t view beyond website sessions, these types of programs provide great insight on who your audiences are, how they’re finding your website, how they’re engaging once they’re on your website, and if they’re converting.

It’s imperative to know how visitors are engaging with your website and to be able to interpret data in order to provide actionable next step business decisions. All marketing strategies should be measured in order to make necessary adjustments and make the most of marketing dollars.

Sample Analytics Sources We've Worked With

Google Analytics

Email Platforms

Google AdWords

Webinar Platforms

Google Search Console

Social Media Platforms

Sample Metrics to Measure


  • Who's visiting the site?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How are they viewing the site?


  • How did they get there?
  • Did they find us via social?
  • Did they find us with an ad?
  • Did they find us with SEO?


  • What did they do on the site?
  • What content did they see?
  • Did they have a good UX?
  • Did they engage with my site?


  • Did they convert?
  • Did they complete an action?
  • Did they make a purchase?
  • What caused conversions?

Here are some ways we can help

Google Analytics Audit

This evaluates account setup and provide recommendations to enhance reporting capabilities and understand consumer behavior.

Reporting Template

This will provide a way to measure metrics important to your business. Google Data Studio, Excel or a preferred third party site can be used.

Performance Report

This will provide a way to measure performance metrics and success. We can provide reports on a monthly basis or for a specific campaign.

Google Analytics Training

Learn how to use Google Analytics, interpret data and craft actionable next step recommendations that help improve business objectives.

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