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Google Analytics Training

Learn how to report on business activity and improve profitability. By the end of this training you should know how to interpret data to determine actionable next step business decisions.

About this Service

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that collects data from a website or mobile app and reports on metrics. It’s a great way to gather meaningful data, analyze it and make the website better. Google Analytics is only as great as the person using it. While users that are new to Google Analytics can’t view beyond sessions, the program provides great insight on website visitors and how to engage with them.

By the end of the training, you should be able to answer the following:


  • Who's visiting the site?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How are they viewing the site?


  • How did they get there?
  • Did they find us via social?
  • Did they find us with an ad?
  • Did they find us with SEO?


  • What did they do on the site?
  • What content did they see?
  • Did they have a good UX?
  • Did they engage with my site?


  • Did they convert?
  • Did they complete an action?
  • Did they make a purchase?
  • What caused conversions?

What’s included in the Google Analytics training?

Chapter 1

Google Analytics Introduction

In this brief introduction, you’ll learn about what Google Analytics is, why it’s important, it’s high-level metrics and insights, understand how it works, discover the difference between a dimension and a metric, and how to create an analytics measurement plan.

Chapter 2

Reporting Interface

In this section, you’ll learn how to read and understand all the reports under dashboards, shortcuts, intelligence reports, real-time, audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversion reports.

Chapter 3

Admin Interface

In the next section, you’ll learn more on how to create new accounts, properties and views, as well as creating goals and filters, managing users, linking Google accounts, and tracking changes.

Chapter 4

Final Lab Assignment

The final section would be to complete at least one of the items discussed during class (e.g. creating a filter, etc.).

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