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MailChimp for Beginners

Learn the basics of creating email campaigns with MailChimp, a web-based email marketing service that allows users to build and design customized email marketing campaigns, send to different lists of subscribers and track results.

About this Service

MediaSesh trains groups and individuals on how to use MailChimp for email marketing to provide another way to engage with audiences. Email marketing is still any effective and useful source of marketing and has the opportunity to make more money than other sources of marketing.

By the end of the training you should be able to know the following:


  • Basics of email marketing
  • Importance of email marketing
  • Email marketing funnel
  • Introduction to MailChimp
  • Create free MailChimp account
  • Steps to create a campaign from start to finish

Creating & Sending

  • Create and import a list
  • Design a campaign template
  • Add content to a campaign
  • Measuring a campaign
  • Manage subscribers
  • Create groups and segments
  • Create a subscriber form

MailChimp Resources

  • MailChimp’s premium account services
  • Online resources to learn more about email marketing
  • Other marketing channel opportunities.

What’s included in the MailChimp training?

Chapter 1

Email Marketing & MailChimp Introduction

In this brief introduction, you’ll get an easy to understand introduction to email marketing and MailChimp, why it’s important, and the email marketing funnel.

Chapter 2

Getting Started with MailChimp

In this section, you’ll learn how to easily create a free MailChimp account, and the number of steps it takes to create an email campaign from start to finish.

Chapter 3

Creating & Sending Campaigns

In this in-depth section, you will learn how to create and import a list, design a campaign template, add content to a campaign, measure a campaign for success, manage subscribers, create groups and segments, and create a subscriber form.

Chapter 4

Opportunities & Resources

Learn more about MailChimp’s premium account services, online resources to learn more about email marketing, and discover other marketing channel opportunities.

Chapter 5

Final Lab Assignment

The final step would be to apply everything learned in class to create an email marketing campaign on your own from start to finish.

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