About MediaSesh

MediaSesh is my SEO consulting and training company. As an SEO consultant, I help businesses to be found by their customers online and reach their fullest potential in search results. Located in Denver, Colorado, I support clients across the country that seek leadership in SEO consulting and training.

My SEO specialties can be described as a generalist, strategist, data loverist, and advocate for digital accessibility. The type of SEO I focus on is one that prioritizes the user above all else. Let’s see how SEO can help your business and make the Internet more enjoyable.

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About me: Christina LeVasseur

Hello again, I’m Christina, an independent SEO consultant and the founder of MediaSesh. I have been in the SEO industry since 2009. I worked in corporate for a decade, supporting well-known personalities and Fortune 500 companies, before starting my own SEO consulting business. 

I help growing businesses improve their online visibility and get them found by their customers on search engines. I also conduct SEO trainings and webinars for clients located around the country, which empowers business owners and marketers to make valuable next-step decisions based on data.


Mission Statement

To improve online experiences and desired business outcomes with mindful SEO strategies that prioritize people.

Why? Because in an effort to rank in Google, there has been an increase in the lack of content integrity, ambiguous linking structure, and poorly written alt text, among other things. This is a terrible experience for both users and search bots. By prioritizing people, SEO usually falls into place. That isn’t always the case when in reverse.

My Values


I believe in working towards making websites accessible to everyone. It allows businesses to serve a wider audience and provide a better UX. And to be frank, it’s the right thing to do.


I believe in always doing the right thing and doing right by your customers. I enjoy working with organizations that prioritize ESG, people, product, and purpose.


I believe in always telling the truth, even when it’s not easy. This builds trust and is the foundation for a meaningful and impactful long-term partnership.


I believe in continuous learning. When you’re learning, you’re growing. That’s why I carve out time for ongoing education, both personally and professionally.

What I look for in a client

You got to learn a little bit about me. Here’s what I look for when qualifying potential clients to determine if we’d be a good fit for each other.

They prioritize UX and accessibility

They’re willing to dedicate dev resources

They utilize other marketing tactics

They’re looking for a partner vs a vendor

They take their reputation seriously

They believe in quality assurance

They want to make an impactful difference

They believe in DEI and belonging

Social Impact

These are a few of the organizations and communities I support, whether through mentorship, free SEO consulting, or volunteering.
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The Alliance of Professional Women
BetterInvesting Logo
Women in Tech SEO logo