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SEO Services

SEO Consulting

By incorporating SEO into the marketing mix, your business has the potential to reach a larger volume of people to sell your goods and services. I believe that it’s not enough to exist in Google; it’s important to be found. That’s how you can help increase visits from search engines, which can lead to more revenue and new customers.

This is best suited for medium and large-sized businesses that require ongoing SEO support. Here I provide strategic and custom SEO solutions that lead to a better user experience, more sales, and higher conversion rates. My recommendations are driven by what will provide the user the best experience for your users, followed by bots.

SEO Training

SEO is always evolving, making it a challenge for organizations and marketers to keep up with the rate at which it changes. Taking one of my SEO classes will help you learn the most up-to-date information regarding the SEO industry, saving you time from researching yourself, while also having a knowledgeable professional available to help answer all your questions.

This is best suited for medium and large-sized businesses wanting to teach their internal teams (marketing, content, product, tech, etc.) about SEO in a comprehensive and easy-to-learn way.

SEO Audits

Similar to a mechanic conducting a 180-point inspection, this type of evaluation conducts a deeper dive into the many elements that impact SEO success. It is then prioritized based on priority level and impact. Another way to think of it is asking a photographer to provide the top three photos; in order to get there, a lot of photos need to be taken first.

This is best suited for medium and large-sized businesses that may have limited resources for ongoing SEO consulting and want to have the flexibility to work through recommendations that span across content, technical, CRO, and more. 

SEO Consults (One-Hour)

Every now and then, it feels good to have someone in your corner and answer your questions, so you can make informed next-step decisions about your business. When the ongoing monthly investment in SEO is a little out of budget, you’re just starting out, or you just want to confirm what you’re doing is correct, being able to grab an hour of someone’s time can make all the difference.

This is best suited for smaller businesses that may not have the budget or resources in place, yet would still like to grab an hour or two of my time to ask questions and jot down recommended next steps based on initial findings.