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A dashboard screenshot from Looker Studio, a data visualization tool. The dashboard includes various sections: '# Ranking Keywords' with a bar graph showing a total of 1,355 keywords and performance metrics; 'Keyword Distribution' showing the number of keywords ranking at positions #1-10, #11-20, and #21+ with changes over time; 'Keyword Performance' with a scatter plot mapping average position against impressions; and tables listing queries ranked at '#1-10', '#11-20', and '#21+' along with their ranks. Another table on the right lists 'Ranking URLs' with corresponding impressions and clicks. The interface has navigation tabs such as 'Intro', 'Overview', 'Pages', 'Keywords', 'Devices', 'Countries', and 'Types' across the top, with an option to 'Purchase' and settings for date range, landing page, query, search type, device, and country.

Google Search Console (GSC) Looker Studio Template on Page & Keyword Analysis

Specifically designed for deep analysis of page-level and keyword-level data from Google Search Console, this template is your go-to resource for extracting actionable insights from your search data, enabling strategic decisions that drive your website’s performance.

GSC Looker Studio Overview & Sections

This Looker Studio template is an indispensable tool for anyone committed to improving their website’s search performance through data-driven insights. By focusing on page-level and keyword-level analysis, you’re equipped to make strategic decisions that enhance visibility, drive traffic, and improve search rankings. Here’s what it covers:

High-Level Insights

Gain a comprehensive overview of your site’s search performance with key metrics such as clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and average rank. This high-level insight allows you to quickly assess your site’s visibility and effectiveness in search results.


Delve into detailed page-specific data to understand how individual pages perform in search results. Identify top-performing content and pinpoint areas for improvement, enabling you to enhance the overall effectiveness of your site’s content strategy.


Examine the performance of keywords driving traffic to your site. Analyze which terms are most effective and uncover new opportunities for content creation to boost your site’s visibility and attract more visitors.


Break down your search data by device type, including mobile, desktop, and tablet users. This segmentation helps you optimize your site to provide the best user experience across all devices, ensuring accessibility and engagement for a diverse audience.


Explore your website’s global reach with country-specific search data. Understanding how your content performs in different geographic regions allows you to tailor your content strategy to meet the needs and preferences of various international audiences.

Search Appearance

Investigate how your site appears across different search formats, including web, image, video, and Discover search results. By optimizing for these varied search appearances, you can maximize your site’s visibility and attract a broader range of users.