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In the News


SEO & Alt Text for Accessibility Webinar

MediaSesh | 2-16-2021

Alt text (or alternative text) is a field that SEOs use to optimize images, but the way we name images is different than how we should for accessibility. Together with Scribely, Patti + Ricky, and Fashionably Tardy, learn how to accomplish both goals with this 90-minute Q&A video.

How Branding Can Impact SEO Webinar

Denver SEO Meetup | 5-21-2020

While SEO can help to get you more site visitors, what happens next is also important. Hosted by the Denver SEO Meetup Group and co-presented with Danielle Shearer of CreativCat, we go over how branding can help SEO to be more successful.

Google Analytics Introduction Webinar

Charley Co | 04-01-2020

Google Analytics is a powerful data analytics platform that enables business owners to make impactful business decisions. Hosted by Charley Co and co-presented with Nicole BZ of BZ Consulting, this session will go over the very basics to help get you started.


Onely Interview

Onely | 09-30-2021

I sat down with Onely to chat about my work in the SEO industry and my professional growth. Check out my tips for figuring out your place in the SEO world (or maybe even somewhere else?).

Women in Tech SEO Interview

Women in Tech SEO | 09-21-2020

WIT interviews brilliant women in our industry to share their story with the world. Learn more about how I got my start in SEO and what empowers me to be the brilliant woman that I am.

Meet Trailblazer Christina Brodzky

Voyage Denver | 8-28-2019

I was graciously nominated to VoyageDenver and their Trailblazer segment. This is where they interview women in our community for doing amazing things.


10 Questions to Carve your SEO Path

Work In SEO | 05-02-2022

I had an awesome conversation with Isaline Muelhauser on creating your path in the SEO industry. We discussed how there is a place for everyone and how it’s about finding your place.

How to Create Your SEO Career Path

SEO Rant | 10-21-2021

I spoke to Mordy Oberstein to discuss what it means to create your own path and identity in SEO, including creating a career in SEO and why self-reflection and awareness is critical.

Digital Marketing Reporting & Analytics

Marketing O’Clock | 07-27-2021

I got to speak with Christine Zirnheld (aka Shep), Sarah Burke, and Anna Skutko on digital marketing reporting, data and analytics, along with tips on how to use data effectively.

Why Christina Brodzky Walks 4 Hours a Day

Make SEO Simple Again | 01-29-2021

I chatted with Daniel K Cheung on the Make SEO Simple Again podcast. We talk about naps, NYC pizza and bagels, keeping MediaSesh small, a little bit of SEO, and more!

What Makes Christina Brodzky?

Azeem Digital Asks | 10-21-2020

I got to speak to the amazing @AzeemDigital and talk about how I got my start in SEO, what I recommend to others starting in this growing industry, and much more.

SEO and PR Go Great Together

The PR Podcast | 09-28-2020

I got to speak to the The PR Podcast and talk about how SEO and PR make a beautiful marriage. They have so much to offer each other to amplify your client’s online visibility.

“Under the Hood” of Reporting & Analytics

Traject | 07-20-2020

I got to speak to the Agency Ahead podcast and talk about identifying KPIs, effective reporting, making recommendations, delivering quick wins, and examining data reliability.

Guest Writing

How SEO Data Can Inform Next Steps

Traject | 08-28-2020

SEO and data go hand-in-hand. It’s what empowers us to make valuable business decisions. Here’s my guest post on Traject that goes over 4 examples of how you can use SEO data to inform next steps.

How SEO Can Help Thought Leadership

Rattleback | 12-10-2019

One of the biggest challenges for thought leadership marketers is maintaining a flow of fresh, insightful content. Here are a few programs that firms can use in researching which topics to write about.

The Importance of Social Media in SEO

Rosey Social | 10-29-2019

Did you know that social media can also help search engine optimization (SEO)? My guest post on Rosey Social explains why it’s important and tips for using social media with SEO in mind.

Press Mentions & Contributions

How to Get New SEO Clients

Semrush | 04-28-2022

In this article, John Morabito asked the SEO Twitter community how they get new SEO clients. My suggestion with one of my favorite new client exercises was included.

SEO Trends 2022, According to 44 Experts

SearchEngineJournal | 12-14-2021

This ebook provides SEO trends and predictions in 2022. From my end, conversations around accessibility will and should continue. The web needs to be accessible to everyone, not just bots.

SEO Clinic Episode II: Type Studio

Semrush | 10-29-2021

Watch as me and four other SEO professionals evaluate the site Type Studio. Recommendations will include competitive insights, user experience, branding, quick technical fixes, and conversion points.

Interpreting SEO Data to Inform Next Steps

Semrush Twitter | 10-07-2021

Running an agency takes a lot of work. Ever hear the quote “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”? Here’s my Semrush Twitter thread to breaks down how to create next step decisions.

202 Top SEO Experts to Follow

Search Engine Journal | 12-15-2020

SEJ has named me as one of 202 people to follow on Twitter. It’s an honor to be on a list with so many influential people in the SEO industry.

30 Days of Agency

Traject | 10-30-2020

Running an agency takes a lot of work. Here is a 30-day tactical and practical list to make it a little easier. It will only take as little as an hour a day to make a big difference. I’m a bit biased with day 19.

SEO Copywriting Tips from 23 Experts

Zenith Copy | 08-21-2020

23 SEO and content experts share their tips for content copywriting that converts, including us. I believe that it can sometimes come down to the readability and skim-ability of the content.

Which SEO Metrics Should You Track?

Hearst Bay Area | 07-08-2020

When optimizing your web presence for search, there’s a lot to keep track of. Learn from 10 industry experts, including me, on which SEO metrics are the most important to track.

Top User Engagement Metrics to Track in 2020

Parlor | 03-02-2020

Measuring user engagement can help inform actionable next steps on how your users view and use your product. I told Parlor my favorite metric is none other than organic search!

Reason #4 to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Best Company | 8-15-2019

Why hire a digital marketing agency? From my experience, even agencies are outsourcing to other agencies in order to help save money and continue to say yes to their clients.

SEO Writing Tips for High-Quality Content

Databox | 7-30-2019

Need tips for how to write high-quality content? My suggestion to Databox is to make content “skimmable” since the readability of your website can contribute to its success.

Best Local Business Marketing Tips

Referral Rock | 7-3-2019

Want to improve your local SEO strategy? I shared one of my favorite tips with Referral Rock, which is to focus on review management and encourage visitors to leave a review.

13 Ways SEO & Social Work Together to Boost Visibility

Databox Blog | 6-25-2019

Want to boost visibility by using SEO and social media together? As quoted in the article, I believe that search goes beyond Google. Anywhere there is a search box, SEO is also there.

29 SEO Copywriting Tips for Writing High-Quality Content

Databox Blog | 6-24-2019

When writing high-quality content, don’t forget to make it “skimmable”. As quoted in the article, I believe the readability of a website can also directly contribute to its success.

Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Listings

Buy Box Experts | 6-21-2019

Optimizing product listings on Amazon can have a huge impact on sales. My suggestion to Buy Box Experts is to take a step back and map out all the important steps from start to finish.

20 Ways to Fill Your Editorial Calendar with Highly Relevant Topics

Databox Blog | 6-5-2019

Want to fill your editorial calendar with highly relevant topics? Tip #12 is my favorite where it recommends checking internal site search results.

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