SEO Consulting

MediaSesh uses targeted and custom-tailored organic optimization strategies to help increase traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings and increase conversion rates.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is used to help get your business found by your customers on search engines.

It’s one of the most cost-effective ways of getting traffic to a website and driving visitors through the funnel in order to turn them into customers. There are several benefits to SEO, including the following:

  • Top results instill trust and importance
  • High rankings are critical for visibility
  • Search continues to grow every year

For Growth-Stage Businesses

Your business may have reached the point where it’s too much to continue doing the marketing on your own or your current SEO company no longer makes sense based on where your company is at in its journey. Growing businesses deserve more attention than the templated options available. Get custom SEO support to help amplify your business message on search engines that are based on data and research.

For Internal Marketing Teams

There may be a desire to outsource the overflow of SEO work a marketing team has been tasked with, or teach the entire marketing team how to incorporate and implement SEO going forward. Working with an SEO consultant can help with getting internal teams aligned (e.g. marketing managers, developers, content writers, etc.) on what’s needed, and avoid gaps in SEO support should a team member leave or a new one join.

Consumers are using search to be more informed.

Of online experiences begin with a search engine
Of smartphone users use search engines at least once a day
Of people never scroll past the first page of search engines
Of online marketers describe content marketing as their most effective SEO tactic
Of all inbound website traffic comes from organic search
Of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to a salesman

Our Process

Initial Meeting

We’ll have a call or in-person meeting to discuss your SEO goals and experience to determine if we’re a good fit for each other and if we believe SEO makes sense for your business given where it is in its journey.


If it makes sense to move forward, we’ll then perform a high-level analysis to discover your current online presence and map out our recommended next steps for your business based on our initial findings.


Over the course of SEO engagement, we will work with your team on SEO implementation and help the website reach its fullest potential in search engines so you can be found by your customers online.


SEO is not a set it and forget it kind of marketing strategy. We will provide a monthly SEO report to monitor performance metrics, along with insights, successes and areas that still need improvement.

Here are some ways we can help

Keyword Research

This is the foundation of all search engine optimization and should never be ignored. Selecting the right keywords can either make or break your brand.

On-Page Optimization

This is one factor that affects keyword rankings by making it easy for search engines to find, index and understand the topical nature of your website’s content.

Site Architecture

How a website is built influences it’s crawlability. It provides a better user experience, as well as directs visitors through the conversion funnel faster.

SEO Training

Learn the foundations of running an SEO campaign. Topics include keyword research, on- and off-page factors, site architecture, mobility, and analytics.

Monthly Reporting

See the full customer cycle when a visitor lands on your site by reviewing performance metrics that help inform actionable next step business decisions.

Conversion Analysis

This is the process of creating a great user experience to position your site as a thought leader and ultimately increase overall conversions and revenue.

What helps improve organic visibility

Page Optimization

  • Targeted Keywords
  • Optimized Meta Tags
  • Optimized Content
  • Internal Hyperlinks

Technical SEO

  • Site Structure
  • Crawlability
  • Page Speed
  • Mobility

Link Building

  • Press Releases
  • Social Media
  • Content Writing
  • Partnerships

Content Writing

  • Long Form
  • Optimized
  • Skimmable
  • Engaging

SEO Consulting FAQ

How much does your SEO consulting services cost?

It depends on a number of different factors, such as the level and type of SEO support needed, but a typical retainer costs between $3,500-$7,500+ a month.

Do you require a minimum amount of time to work with clients?

Yes, we typically require a minimum of 6-months since that’s how long it can sometimes take for you to see results and see the value of our work. There are some situations where we provide ad-hoc analysis, but these are usually very in-depth and take over a month to put together.

Can you guarantee that my business will rank on the first page of Google?

We cannot make any guarantees since there are so many factors that will impact this, such as competition levels, algorithm updates, site architecture updates, and more. We also suggest that if someone guarantees this that you should ask how and when.

There are so many SEO specialists out there. Is MediaSesh right for me?

Depending on where your business is in its journey, it may or may not make sense for you to work with us. We typically work with growing businesses that want us to amplify the message they already started. We always chat with potential clients to see if it makes sense for us to work together. If it’s not a match, we provide recommendations for other SEO agencies or consultants that we believe would make the most sense for you.

How will I know that your SEO efforts are having a positive impact on my business?

We provide all our clients monthly SEO reports. This allows us to monitor SEO successes and areas that still need improvement. It utilizes data to help inform actionable next step recommendations.

Feel free to talk to us

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