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Case Studies

Discover a curated selection of exceptional businesses that I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with, offering my expertise in SEO and digital strategy. This showcase represents only a fraction of my extensive portfolio, as much of my work over a decade in the corporate sector remains behind-the-scenes. Each case study is a testament to the impact of targeted SEO solutions in driving business growth and success.

SEO Case Study for a Higher Education Institution in D.C.

Despite its esteemed reputation and popularity, a prestigious university situated in the center of Washington, D.C., faced stiff competition in the digital arena.

SEO Case Study for a Fitness Equipment Company

A decline in metrics post COVID-19 was not only a reflection of changing consumer behaviors; it also highlighted the intense competition within the industry.

SEO Case Study for a Roofing Company in Colorado

A roofing contractor needed to maintain a competitive edge and broaden customer reach to ensure sustainable business growth and success.

SEO Case Study for a Tech-Enabled Career Services Platform

To even keep up with the fierce online competition, there was an urgent need for this career services platform to boost its online visibility and user appeal.