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Pathways to Success: SEO That Puts Your Institution on the Map

Why SEO for Higher Education?

When seeking higher education options, prospective students commonly use search engines. Implementing a strong SEO strategy can help make an institution’s website appear more prominently in search results, greatly increasing the chances of attracting students and boosting enrollment.

SEO plays a crucial role in ensuring your school is easily found online, connecting you with students during their search process. It helps match your educational programs with students’ needs and searches, enhancing your digital presence and aligning with their interests. This strategy is essential for enhancing your institution’s reputation and standing out in the competitive educational market.

Examples of higher education institutions include, universities (both in-person and online), continuing education programs, technical institutes, community colleges, and summer programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Benefits SEO for Higher Education

Increased Visibility: SEO helps assets to appear higher in search results, making it more visible to potential students.

Targeted Audience Reach: Institutions can reach prospective students actively searching for educational opportunities.

Competitive Advantage: Effective SEO strategies can give an institution an edge over others in attracting students.

Cost-Effective Marketing: SEO is a cost-effective marketing tool compared to traditional advertising methods.

Long-term Results: SEO provides long-lasting benefits when compared to short-term advertising campaigns.

Enhanced User Experience: SEO often involves optimizing the website for better user experience to increase enrollment.

Here are some ways I can help

Depending on your higher education institution and what I identify while putting together your proposal, these are a few of the SEO strategies I might provide:


Identifies key terms prospective students use to help in tailoring content to their search patterns.


Enhances existing and new website content to appeal to and engage with target audiences and search engines.


Improves website functionality and search engine ranking. Helps users and search bots from getting stuck.


Equips and empowers staff and faculty with skills to maintain and improve SEO success.


Tracks progress to highlight successes and identify areas needing attention and improvement.


Recommends and measures how effectively the website turns visitors into applicants or students.

SEO Case Study for a Higher Education Institution in D.C.

Despite its esteemed reputation and popularity, a prestigious university situated in the center of Washington, D.C. faced stiff competition in the digital arena. To maintain and enhance its competitive edge, there was a pressing need to elevate its online visibility and appeal. This strategic move was to sustain program competitiveness, introduce innovative program offerings, and contribute to financial growth and stability.

Organic visits
# Ranked keywords

My SEO Process



We’ll have a call to discuss your SEO goals to determine if we’re a good fit for each other. If not, I’ll suggest other amazing SEOs to reach out to.


I’ll perform a high-level analysis to discover your current online presence, which will inform my recommended strategy for a 12-month retainer.



Over the course of SEO engagement, I will work with your team to resolve errors and help the website reach its fullest potential in SERPs.



SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. I will continue to provide ongoing actionable next-step suggestions as the face of SEO changes.

Why Work With Me?


There is no one size fits all. That’s why I provide custom SEO strategies and guidance.


I only work with a few clients at a time to better promote their business online.


I have the heart of the teacher and no question is a silly question. It’s a safe space.


I’ve been in the SEO industry since 2009, so I’ve seen and done a lot over the years.