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SEO Training

What’s the point of having a great
website if no one can find it?

Why Have an SEO Training?

I train businesses and internal marketing teams on how to think strategically, analytically, and thoughtfully about incorporating search engine optimization into their marketing mix.

Attendees will learn the basics of SEO and how it has so much to offer a business.

This is best suited for medium and large-sized businesses wanting to teach their internal teams (marketing, content, product, tech, etc.) about the basics of SEO in a fun, comprehensive and easy-to-learn way.

SEO is always evolving, making it a challenge for organizations and marketers to keep up with the rate at which it changes. Taking one of my SEO classes will help you learn the most up-to-date information regarding the SEO industry, saving you time from researching yourself, while also having a knowledgeable professional available to help answer all your questions.

Benefits of an SEO Training

Learn about SEO in a fun, supportive, and easy-to-understand way.

This is an investment in your team’s growth and career development.

Helps to expand and bridge any gaps in SEO skills and knowledge.

Ask questions in real-time and focus on the areas that mean the most to you.

SEO Training Sections

These are some of the sections that may be included in your SEO training. It will all depend on desired outcomes and attendees.

1. SEO Introduction

SEO is the difference between whether or not you get in front of your customers. In this brief introduction, you’ll learn about what SEO is, what SEO is not, why it’s important, how it has evolved, and how it requires a new set of strategies to make an impact.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO and content marketing. In this section, you’ll learn about what keyword research is, how to match keywords to user intent and ways to conduct keyword research. This will be used for optimizing your website.

3. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to SEO efforts on your webpage. Here you’ll learn about what on-page optimization entails, why it’s important, and how to optimize on-page elements, including title tags, headings, and internal linking.

4. Content Marketing

SEO has so much to offer content marketers. It allows you to think strategically, analytically, and thoughtfully to make the most of your content. This section will explain how SEO and content help each other, how to make content better, and how to exemplify E-E-A-T.

5. Off-Page Optimization

External links act as a vote of confidence and help to tell search engines that your site is so valuable that others are willing to link to it. Here you’ll learn about what off-page optimization is, why it’s important, and various ways for how to generate links naturally.

6. Site Architecture

Site architecture deals with the more technical aspects of your website, such as navigation and broken links. In this section, you’ll learn about what site architecture is, why it’s important, and a few ways on how to improve crawlability and indexation.

7. Analytics & Reporting

It’s not enough to implement an SEO strategy without seeing how it’s performing to make next steps. In this section, you’ll learn some key performance metrics (KPIs) for measuring your SEO to see if it’s successful or needs improvement.

SEO Training Process


Initial Call

We’ll have a call to discuss the goals and objectives for your SEO training. We’ll map out which sections to include and the training length.



Once contracts are signed and access to analytics has been granted, I’ll spend the next 3-4 weeks putting together your SEO training.



Depending on the training format, I will spend anywhere between 2-8 hours training your team on SEO, either in-person or Google Meet.

Why Work With Me


There is no one size fits all. That’s why I provide custom SEO strategies and guidance.


I only work with a few clients at a time to better promote their business online.


I have the heart of the teacher and no question is a silly question. It’s a safe space.


I’ve been in the SEO industry since 2009, so I’ve seen and done a lot over the years.