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A Looker Studio dashboard titled "GSC Landing Page Optimization Opportunities. It has filter options asking for GSC Property, Landing Page URL, and Query (optional). There's a line chart in the middle with three charts below it showing ranking keywords for Rank #1-10, Rank #11-20, and Rank #21+.

Google Search Console (GSC) Looker Studio Dashboard for Optimization Opportunities

Elevate your SEO strategy with this landing page optimization opportunities dashboard. Tailored for SEO professionals, content creators, and digital marketers, this Looker Studio dashboard harnesses Google Search Console data to provide keyword opportunities. Transform your content and SEO approach with actionable insights to help you rank higher and capture more organic traffic.

GSC Looker Studio Overview & Sections

Leveraging Google Search Console data, this dashboard provides valuable insights to inform your keyword strategy. It presents information in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand format, making data analysis informative and enjoyable. Discover which keywords to focus on to enhance your website’s SEO performance. The template categorizes ranking opportunities into near, stretching, and far distances, helping you prioritize your SEO efforts effectively.

Filter Options

To use this dashboard, start by selecting a Google Search Console property. Next, choose the specific landing page URL you want to focus on. For more detailed and targeted insights, you can optionally filter the data by specific keywords relevant to your analysis.

Near Distance Keywords (Rank #1-10)

Identify keywords for which your site is already ranking well but could potentially reach a better rank with minor optimizations. This dashboard is perfect for quick wins that can significantly impact traffic, visibility, and overall SEO performance. Use these insights to strategically enhance your content and improve your search engine rankings effectively.

Stretching Distance Keywords (Rank #11-20)

Uncover keywords where your site ranks within reach but remains just out of sight for many users. These represent valuable opportunities to improve your visibility by enhancing existing content or creating targeted new content. By focusing on these keywords, you can significantly increase your site’s traffic and engagement.

Far Distance Keywords (Rank #21+)

Explore keywords where your site currently has minimal visibility but holds potential for future content strategies. Ideal for long-term planning and expanding your site’s reach into new topic areas, this approach helps you identify untapped opportunities.