SEO Tools & Templates

Overall traffic summary slide in Google LookerStudio. It contains month over month and year over year deltas for sessions, total users, new users, engagement rate, conversions, and a sessions breakdown for desktop, mobile, tablet, and smart TV. There is a bar chart for sessions with comparison bars for the previous year totals.

Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio Template

This SEO template for Google Looker Studio is simple, clean, and data-driven. This is currently in ‘view-only’ mode. If you’d like to use this template, please reach out for more details.

An SEO content audit template screenshot with columns for page URL, next step, notes, Google Doc URL, target keywords, and status.

SEO Content Audit Template

This SEO content audit template provides a data-driven approach to formulating next steps for content. It was crafted using data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs.

A branded MediaSesh graphic with an orange background with light orange bubbles with a white box that contains the words "SEO Accessibility Resource. Learn. Hire. Help."

SEO Accessibility Resource

As SEOs, we’re in a great place to be part of the conversation and loop in the very people we are trying to support. Here are a few ways to learn, hire and help the disability community.

Branded MediaSesh image with white text on a patterned black background that reads "10 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Carve Your Path in the SEO Industry".

Carving Your SEO Path Presentation

In this presentation, I focus on how you can learn more about yourself in order to find your niche, get the money you want and deserve, and how you can make a difference. There’s a place for everyone in this industry – How are you carving your path? Where do you fit in?

A Google Sheets screenshot with columns for "Site Visits, Timeframe 1, Timeframe 2, % Delta of the two timeframes, and Notes.

SEO Benchmark Report Template

Here is an SEO benchmark reporting template should anyone out there need it. Use it as a quick snapshot to craft interesting insights about the data based on a desired timeframe. From here, you can share with clients or transfer over to PPT presentations.

Google Sheet with Columns for 1) Category, 2) Point of Contact, 3) Structure (e.g., consultant, agency), 4) Website URL, 5) Email, 6) Location, and 7) Notes.

SEO Partner Template

I look at other SEOs as colleagues, not competition, and I’m happy to refer them when I can. Here’s what my SEO Partner sheet looks like so I can remember who to refer and for what.